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Operation Blame

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So Operation Blame The Girl is in full swing. Click the image for the full story.

"This is the face of the teenage student who may have sparked the biggest gun massacre in US history...However some college friends claim Emily did not know Cho."

Real nice. Might I point out Emily was murdered? Or that there is no proof she even knew Cho? Where is this resource that says that Cho did this because of her? Cho probably knew more than one person on campus; does that mean every one of them caused him to kill?

Basically, at this point, they're pointing fingers, framing her. Saying, "Oh, it was this temptress that drove the poor boy out of his gun-wielding mind."

No. Sorry. Uh-uh. The only person to blame for this is Cho himself.


okay. that is just creepy and more than slightly disgusting.

I agree, the only person to blame for the shooting is Cho. True, he had problems that may or may not have driven him to the shooting, but to lay the blame on one person who isn't Cho, especially someone who was murdered in the rampage...I must say, they've got some gall.
another thing that really hit me was the title of the article. That alone...*simmers*
It sells. People want to read about WHY Cho did it, they want to hear about it. They like a good problem, a modern-day soap opera. They mourn and cry, but they'll also pick it apart and look for reasons to spread around like this weeks affair.
/sarcasm/ oh that's smart of them, make money of the suffering of others. All hail the American way.