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alyliberal in being_liberal

'It Wasn't Techincally Rape,' Said The Man Who Owned A Dungeon

I'm shaking with fury right now. This doesn't happen often. Kenneth Glenn Hinson, a 48-year-old convicted sex offender has been found not guilty of kidnapping, sex crimes, and assault with intent to kill two teenage girls in his homemade sex dungeon. He claimed the "sex was consensual" and that they slept with him because they wanted drugs. The verdict? The defense "pick[ed] apart what he called inconsistencies in the teens’ testimony, including how long it took them to call 911 after their alleged escape.”

And, tell me again, who are you to say how a rape victim reacts? This is the "inconsistencies" in ONE of the girls statment.

"Rick Hoefer, Hinson’s attorney, worked to cast doubts on the consistency of statements by the second woman who testified that Hinson raped her.
The woman said her written statement to police did not mention that Hinson had a gun or a pocket knife when the assaults allegedly occurred. She said Wednesday in court, however, that Hinson had a knife and that she saw the outline of a gun in the back pocket of the defendant’s jeans.

“I was just frightened, and I couldn’t hardly think that morning (she wrote the statement), and I couldn’t hardly write, so I didn’t put down every detail,” the woman testified."

Let's just look at some actual, scienfific, DNA evidence, not what you think she should of done or how much you think her brains were addled.

From this:
"Kenneth Glenn Hinson’s full DNA profile matches genetic material obtained from semen on the gray T-shirt of a girl alleging the defendant raped her and her friend, a forensic DNA analyst testified Saturday, shortly before the prosecution rested its case.
The probability that someone else with the same profile would be chosen at random is about one in 710 quadrillion, said Ken Bogan of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

…Swabs of the other girl’s left ear and one of her breasts yielded a partial DNA profile that matched Hinson’s DNA, Bogan said."

Or this:
"[Elizabeth Cook, a former nurse practitioner at the Durant Children’s Center in Florence] conducted medical exams on the girls the day they said they were raped, and she said she found recent abrasions in sensitive, private areas of the girls’ bodies.
Cook said both women had tape residue on their faces, hands and ankles.

…Two other women who work at the Durant Children’s Center testified Thursday that they thought, based on interviews they conducted, that the two girls had been raped."

Tape residue. Bloody tape residue. All of these things were ignored because 911 wasn’t called in time, according to the laywer. Right, because there is a timeframe? After ten minutes, it isn't rape, it's just assalt. After a half hour, it isn't assalt, it was for drugs.

But we didn't believe these two girls, who had tape residue on their faces, bruised genitals and DNA of a convicted rapist on them. No. They had consented to sex in a homemade dungeon for some pot.

Once again, Shakes says it better than I.


OMFG! You cannot be serious. That is just disgusting. Who wants to help me guess how many of the people on the jury were male and subject to rape fantasies?

But seriously, I am appaleed.
*appalled not apaleed *blush*