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cat and bird

kmiri_kalasin in being_liberal

Inspiration in the Middle East

(All right, please ignore the slightly cheesy tone of this post and its title. I need some happy news.)

More and more frequently, news of anti-US feelings in the Middle East reaches us here. To many young people in America, the Middle East is a place of bombings, of war, of terrorism, and of oppression, specifically opression of women. I thought that today, in light of the recent shooting that Aly posted about, would be a good time to share information about an amazing young woman in the Middle East. 

Malalai Joya is a young woman in Afghanistan's Parliment. At age 27, she is the youngest member of the Parliment. She speaks out against the warlords of Afghanistan and acts as the voice of not only Afghanistan's women but citizens of Afghanistan who want change. A documentary was recently made about her and what she had to go through to get to where she is called Enemies of Happiness


Aw. Some.